Thursday, September 10, 2009

Make a Change!

Well... after careful self analysis and contemplation (note the sarcasm), I decided that I needed an attitude adjustment and my children needed a change of pace.

Let me explain...

It all started with the first post I made about strollers. I was venting a little bit, being dramatic, but honestly expressing my frustration at the same time. I received several comments from other moms commiserating with me on the topic, both in person and on my blog. BUT! I also received a comment from someone (a random stranger) who actually said she felt sorry for me that I have such negative views. Hmmm... first, I think it is unfair that you stalk my blog and do not have one of your own for me to also stalk. That is just bad blog etiquette! Second, I thought that maybe I did sound pretty negative and maybe went a little too far expressing myself. But then I decided I had spent way too long worrying about what a random person I have never met (that apparently lives in Ventura and only has positive things to say about pushing a double stroller) thinks about me. So, thirdly, I decided that this was my avenue to express myself and I was comfortable with my post and what I said because it was honestly how I felt.

THEN.... I also decided that maybe I spend a little too much time complaining and less time changing things. So, after a several days of complaining about another subject (my children's lack of afternoon naps and my resulting frustration to keep them entertained) I decided to do something about it. Yesterday afternoon I planned a "FUN" afternoon together. We ate lunch, saw a movie, bought new books and I did it all by myself. Yep, thats right! No one else to help me. No one else to hold the baby, help boys go potty in a public restroom, carry drinks and popcorn... nothing. Just me.

I thought this would be hard, and it was a little in the logistics sense, but overall it was fun. And relaxing. Yes, I said it... it was RELAXING!

So, in conclusion, I would like to thank the random stranger from Ventura and my children for a wonderful afternoon.

and aren't these just the cutest little kids you have ever seen?


Cyndy and George said...

I didn't find the stroller post negative at all, quite the opposite. I am happy that you decided to make lemonade out of your lemons however, and take your kids on a "date" I am sure they enjoyed the alone time with you just as much.

Personally, I really wouldn't worry about some random person in Ventura who will make an anonymous comment on your blog telling you how negative you are. If they really cared at all they wouldn't have to hide behind their comments!

csperriton said...

You do not need to feel bad about the stroller post. Obviously, the person who made on an anonymous comment on your has never been in your situation. But I have! :) We really need to talk more so that we can swap stories about our crazy lives. Don't you just love those days when you really feel like you've been the best mommy every?

Not only do people make us moms with 3 kids in 3 years feel like we are a freak of nature, but dads get is as well. When I was pregnant with Brenna and we were out together as a family of four, people would look at Cale like they were thinking, "you pervert!" We always got a kick out of this!