Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Menace To Society

Lately I have been feeling like I am treated differently when I am pushing a stroller.

I have 3 children... UNDER THE AGE OF 5!!!

Therefore, I usually have to push a stroller.

Well, while at the pediatrician's office today a particularly rude woman reminded me why I feel this way. While trying to squeeze by her I said, "Excuse me, can I get by?". I said it in the nicest way possible. Her response? "Sure." Unfortunately, that was her only response. Not to move over slightly, not to squeeze her big butt to the side so I could fit my stroller past her, not even to smile at me while she stood there staring blankly at me like I had snot all over my face. No. She just stood there. So, I started to squeeze by her and said, "Well, I am going to hit you with my stroller, then."

So, I did. And I as I accidentally brushed her leg with my stroller wheel she makes a comment under her breath about strollers. And I left the office making comments under my breath about rude people.

I mean, really?? Is it that much to ask? Geez!

This isn't the first time I have experienced this type of rude behavior, though. We have seen it at Disneyland, the mall, and even while walking downtown. Are there signs anywhere saying, "Please refrain from using strollers"??? NO! I thought it was my right as an American to cart my children around as I please. They are not on leashes. 2 out of the 3 of them actually walk themselves! One time while taking a leasurely stroll downtown with one of my friends who also has 3 children, we actually had a group of old men in Colima's point and laugh at us as we walked by!

Since when does having children make you such a circus act? I only have 3 children, my grandmothers both had 6 children. Imagine what I would encounter if I had 6 children following me around everywhere. I might actually cause traffic jams or cause people to run into walls or something. I think people should mind their own business. Yes, I have 3 children. Yes, they are all under the age of 5. Yes, I am crazy. GET OVER IT!

Another thing... people, it is rude to ask a woman if she is planning on having anymore children after just previously commenting on the amount of children she currently has as if I have adopted a small country or something. I do take offense to it. Whether or not I feel I am done procreating is none of your business. They are all clean, well fed, polite, and not on government assistance! They are my problem, not yours. And to put if frankly... you are lucky I brought these adorable, smart, funny little humans into the world to make up for your dumb, ugly self.

There. I have gotten it off my chest.

You are welcome. :)


Cyndy and George said...

I am sooooo glad you finally started this bog! I was sick of hearing you say that you were going to. I can't wait to read your posts. You seriously make me laugh when I listen to you in person, and reading it is even better because I can go back and re-read the REALLY funny parts again. I'm used to your offensive blabber, so I am not afraid for myself... but watch out to the rest of the world.... Here comes Heidi! The real deal! I can't wait!

And btw... that lady at the doctor's office was seriously RUDE. She is so lucky I didn't turn around and slap her. I really wanted to.

Peggy said...

Brayden started screaming while in Joanns last week (no I did not pinch him) so I was frantically gathering my items to go check-out & a lady comes over to me with a bewildered look on her face and says, "WHAT IS WRONG, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, I CAN HERE THAT BABY FROM CLEAR ACROSS THE STORE!" Really? I was in shock & rudely told her that I was leaving now, so not to worry about it. That was very rude of me, so I was very upset at her for making me say such a rude thing!

And today at Costco, I have two boys hanging onto the cart & I'm carrying the baby, as I walk in a random Lady says "You should have another one." ???What? I didn't get it...Did I hear her right?
I'll pretend I didn't. Honestly.

Laura said...

Loving this blog!

Clark and Jolie said...

I was in the baby aisle of the grocery store once when an older woman who noticed I was putting infant formula into my shopping cart, proceeded to lecture me on the benefits of breast milk versus formula. I was so shocked and I found myself explaining to this perfect stranger that I CAN'T breastfeed my baby because he is adopted but that he's healthy and strong and growing quite well, thank you very much! Some people are just simply very rude.

Laura Lee said...

Instead of judging, perhaps a little help would be better! More than once I have been mistaken for a 'child snatcher' or something else when I have seen a need and offered assistance. It's almost funny! I would rather be mistaken for a criminal than truly be the rude bystander judging! Thanks for venting!

The McCarthys said...

thanks for saying what we all think. I have the same problem and I just have the two...who can both walk without help, but Katie needs to be tied down sometimes. I always make sure I take my small stroller with me when I need to run around town so that I don't "offend" others with it.