Thursday, September 10, 2009

Make a Change!

Well... after careful self analysis and contemplation (note the sarcasm), I decided that I needed an attitude adjustment and my children needed a change of pace.

Let me explain...

It all started with the first post I made about strollers. I was venting a little bit, being dramatic, but honestly expressing my frustration at the same time. I received several comments from other moms commiserating with me on the topic, both in person and on my blog. BUT! I also received a comment from someone (a random stranger) who actually said she felt sorry for me that I have such negative views. Hmmm... first, I think it is unfair that you stalk my blog and do not have one of your own for me to also stalk. That is just bad blog etiquette! Second, I thought that maybe I did sound pretty negative and maybe went a little too far expressing myself. But then I decided I had spent way too long worrying about what a random person I have never met (that apparently lives in Ventura and only has positive things to say about pushing a double stroller) thinks about me. So, thirdly, I decided that this was my avenue to express myself and I was comfortable with my post and what I said because it was honestly how I felt.

THEN.... I also decided that maybe I spend a little too much time complaining and less time changing things. So, after a several days of complaining about another subject (my children's lack of afternoon naps and my resulting frustration to keep them entertained) I decided to do something about it. Yesterday afternoon I planned a "FUN" afternoon together. We ate lunch, saw a movie, bought new books and I did it all by myself. Yep, thats right! No one else to help me. No one else to hold the baby, help boys go potty in a public restroom, carry drinks and popcorn... nothing. Just me.

I thought this would be hard, and it was a little in the logistics sense, but overall it was fun. And relaxing. Yes, I said it... it was RELAXING!

So, in conclusion, I would like to thank the random stranger from Ventura and my children for a wonderful afternoon.

and aren't these just the cutest little kids you have ever seen?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


After posting the "I'm Bored" post yesterday, my children actually played QUIETLY in their room together for more than 45 minutes! Either they just wanted to prove me wrong (which would be something I would do), or the fact that we have no furniture or TV in the family gave them no other option. Either way... it was a step in the right direction!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Do you ever get tired of hearing those words come out of your child's mouth?


How can he possibly be THAT bored ALL the time?

He has a little brother that is a built in best friend.
He has a room full of enough toys to supply a third world nation with fun for a week.
He has plenty of movies to watch.
A Wii. (I thought as a mother I would be begging my children to STOP playing video games.... not begging them to start!)

Why is it that as soon as mommy sits down to do ANYTHING.... BAM! Thats when they need to talk, need me to get a toy, need a snack, a drink, a bandaid.....

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Do your kids ever beg and cry to stay at Grandma's house? Like going to your own house is like going to prison?

How about "playing quietly in your room" scenario? Does that ever actually happen? I will let you know when they play quietly in their room for more than 2 and a half minutes.... still hasn't happened yet!

No wonder I have 20 unfinished projects, 5 baskets of unfolded clothes, a sink full of dishes and my mind is only of half capacity.

All I have to say is when do the "I want to be like June Cleaver" classes start? I honestly wish I could walk around in heels (with a cute apron), vacuuming and smiling pleasantly at my adorable little children. But wait! That was when children went to play outside with other children!!! My kids hate the backyard and sending them outside to play with other children sounds quite dangerous, if you ask me!

Now I have another child standing next to me asking me to help find his compass....

I am sure I will look back fondly on this time of my life, eventually. RIGHT????

That's what I keep telling myself, anyways.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Back Friend

Do you ever wonder how people see you? I mean, how and when you are thought of? I do... a lot. I think I spend a lot of time be-friending people. I enjoy friends and I like to spend time with them. I have all types of different kinds of friends. Ones that I see on occasion and have a good laugh with. Ones that I have known for 15+ years and always pick up right where we left off, even after being apart for years. I have the ones I see several times a week and always enjoy and even some that I see several times a week and don't particularly enjoy much.

Well, I have decided that I must be the "Fall Back Friend". Yes, that's right. I am the friend that people rely on when their other friends fall through. I am okay with that though. And I will tell you why....

(Specific Names and Places and Have Been Changed To Protect the "Innocent")

Recently I have acquired quite a lot of women in my arsenal of "friends". We all are around the same age, with children the same age, and in the same stage of life. We see each other at church, at play groups, and at school pick up/drop off. We are always polite. We laugh with each other and we get together in the evenings when I our husbands get home to have a "night off". They are fun women and I enjoy them  very much.

Unfortunately, I have seen a pattern lately. When "Patty" fights with "Janey", she calls me to vent to and hang out with. When "Marcia" gets irritated with "Megan", she calls me to fill her now open schedule with. When "Karen" gets irritated with "Carey", I get a whole lot of unexpected phone calls. Well, it started to bother me, but then I realized its ok.

First off, I enjoy all of these women and welcome a phone call from any of them anytime. Second, if I am the one that people think of to call when they are feeling down, I am honored to be there for them. Third, I enjoy being a peace keeper. I would much rather everyone get along and have a good time then relive the high school days where girls were evil to one another.

I may not be at the top of the invite list or the one everyone flocks to at a party, but at least I was invited, right?

So, in summary... I am ok being whatever kind of friend a girl needs because when it comes down to it, sometimes a girl just needs a friend.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Menace To Society

Lately I have been feeling like I am treated differently when I am pushing a stroller.

I have 3 children... UNDER THE AGE OF 5!!!

Therefore, I usually have to push a stroller.

Well, while at the pediatrician's office today a particularly rude woman reminded me why I feel this way. While trying to squeeze by her I said, "Excuse me, can I get by?". I said it in the nicest way possible. Her response? "Sure." Unfortunately, that was her only response. Not to move over slightly, not to squeeze her big butt to the side so I could fit my stroller past her, not even to smile at me while she stood there staring blankly at me like I had snot all over my face. No. She just stood there. So, I started to squeeze by her and said, "Well, I am going to hit you with my stroller, then."

So, I did. And I as I accidentally brushed her leg with my stroller wheel she makes a comment under her breath about strollers. And I left the office making comments under my breath about rude people.

I mean, really?? Is it that much to ask? Geez!

This isn't the first time I have experienced this type of rude behavior, though. We have seen it at Disneyland, the mall, and even while walking downtown. Are there signs anywhere saying, "Please refrain from using strollers"??? NO! I thought it was my right as an American to cart my children around as I please. They are not on leashes. 2 out of the 3 of them actually walk themselves! One time while taking a leasurely stroll downtown with one of my friends who also has 3 children, we actually had a group of old men in Colima's point and laugh at us as we walked by!

Since when does having children make you such a circus act? I only have 3 children, my grandmothers both had 6 children. Imagine what I would encounter if I had 6 children following me around everywhere. I might actually cause traffic jams or cause people to run into walls or something. I think people should mind their own business. Yes, I have 3 children. Yes, they are all under the age of 5. Yes, I am crazy. GET OVER IT!

Another thing... people, it is rude to ask a woman if she is planning on having anymore children after just previously commenting on the amount of children she currently has as if I have adopted a small country or something. I do take offense to it. Whether or not I feel I am done procreating is none of your business. They are all clean, well fed, polite, and not on government assistance! They are my problem, not yours. And to put if frankly... you are lucky I brought these adorable, smart, funny little humans into the world to make up for your dumb, ugly self.

There. I have gotten it off my chest.

You are welcome. :)